Hello Little Peanut + Welcome!


I am a Brisbane mum who loves maternity, newborn, children and family photography......+ children's dressmaking. 


A 15yr career in interior architecture taught me to push that generic envelope.....to create + continually strive for that POINT of difference. Capture those 'no frills' moments of love. Snap the funny moments, the unexpected, the cool, the unique + even the DAGGY!


A passion for the DETAIL, visual, textural & colourful has always been a part of my work. Then my first daughter was born and photography + children’s dressmaking took a career focus.


My PLAYFUL photography style is beyond the limits of conventional thought, it's fun, textural, raw + QUIRKY!  It tells a story of a special moment in time.....a moment which will be hard to repeat again.


It was my dad who instilled a LOVE of photography and keeping pictorial family records. I remember standing on the front lawn or awkwardly perched in a tree, ALL SMILES, while dad toyed with his camera for that PERFECT shot. Although frustrating as a child, I now appreciate his persistence and realise the importance of creating a FUN + relaxed environment for all when taking photos. To choose places that are your own family's little slice of PARADISE.  Whether it be in my studio, your favourite coffee spot, your local park or that special spot that has become a bit of a family ritual.  It could even just be in your CUBBY at home!  


It was my Cabbage Patch doll who wore the early clothes I sewed. Today, she still has quite the collection of outfits + my girls continue to dress her as I once did.


Since those early days, my style has been somewhat FINESSED and I now make 

my eclectic clothing collection for both GIRLS + BOYS for any day of the week or special occasion.  I continually HUNT down the most interesting fabrics, to bring to you something quite individual.  


Since embarking on this journey into photography + dressmaking, I have had so much fun hanging out with such interesting people + I feel so very grateful to love what I do.


I hope I get to meet more of you one day soon!


Nic :) 



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